Eating curling crow

Let me get this over right away. I was wrong about David Murdoch's Scottish team. I still believe the worlds field is a lot weaker than the Brier field - except for David Murdoch. There are two levels of teams at the World Championship level for men's curling: Scotland and Canada, then everybody else. So, I don't take that part of my previous post back. But I do take back what I said about Murdoch not being able to qualify for the Brier out of the more difficult provinces in Canada. Clearly, he can. Who would have thought any team in the world could have beaten Kevin Martin three times in row? … [Read more...]

Martin laying waste to worlds field

"He's like the Tiger Woods of curling on the ice." according to Thomas Ulsrud of Norway. Canada's Kevin Martin continued his domination of the world men's curling championship in Moncton, N.B., on Wednesday, hammering Finland's Kalle Kiiskinen 12-4 in the morning draw to improve to 8-0. "Oh, he's on fire," Norway skip Thomas Ulsrud said of Martin. "He's really on fire, and he's crushing everybody." Full story on CBC Sports. … [Read more...]

The man behind the Martin machine

The man behind Kevin Martin's Canadian curling machine sits perched in the coach's box. He has his binoculars out, so are his stack of curling papers. And when things get tense on the ice for his team -- not that it happens too often -- he's known to chew on one of his famous, unlit cigars. Meet Martin's mentor, curling mastermind Jules Owchar. Full story on Times & Transcript. … [Read more...]

Scottish skip Murdoch says world field is tougher than Brier

What?! David Murdoch has been doing far too much rectal spelunking. He made the claim in the Eye Opener newspaper, the free publication handed out to fans at the world men's curling championship, ” that the worlds field was tougher than last month's Brier field. Does Murdoch actually believe what he said or did he make the statement after spending too much time in the patch. Of all the teams at the 2009 words, Murdoch's squad is one of the few that would have a chance to win a province - one of the weaker provinces. Let's face it, he couldn't win Alberta, Manitoba or Ontario. There are three … [Read more...]

Brazil … going crazy for curling?!!

As strange as it sounds, Brazilians are getting serious about curling. While you pick yourself up off the floor, you should know that Brazil has issued a challenge to the U.S. for one of the two Americas spots to the Ford World Men's Curling Championships next spring in Moncton, N.B. - Full Story … [Read more...]

Update on Scottish Women’s World Championship fiasco

National Scottish coach Derek Brown, who was in overall charge of the squad at the Ford World Women's Curling Championship in Vernon, British Columbia, in March, will face a Royal Club 'Conduct Panel' next Monday. This results from the complaint lodged against him by Gail Munro and Lyndsay Wilson, who were initially blamed by Brown for the fiasco which saw Scotland field just three players for the last two round robin matches in Canada. Full Story - Curling Today … [Read more...]

Scots adopt new rule to limit damage to ice

Scottish curling officials (and soon the WCF) will be on the lookout for those curlers who have been placing their fingers, hands and other body parts on the ice after releasing a stone. Those found continually breaking this rule face severe consequences: ejection from the game. Full Story - Curling Today … [Read more...]

Canada dominates curling season

It’s been quite the compelling year for Canadian curling this season. Edmonton’s Kevin Martin dominated this year as the Men's World Champion. Martin also picked up the top spots at the Casino Rama Curling Skins Game, Flint Energy Curling Classic, Cactus Pheasant Classic, The Grand Slam of Curling: BDO Canadian Open, The Grand Slam of Curling: The National, and went 13-0 at the Tim Hortons Brier. Martin’s team also holds the number one spot on the WCT’s money list with $127,000. Full story - CurlTV … [Read more...]

It’s been one ‘sweet ride’

Regina's Ben Hebert is still flying high after sharing in the 2008 men's world curling championship. Hebert flew from Grand Forks, N.D., to Toronto on Monday, a day after Canada's Kevin Martin, John Morris, and Marc Kennedy beat Scotland's Dave Murdoch 6-3 in the gold-medal final at the world championship. It's been one 'sweet ride' … [Read more...]